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The Most Cruel Punishment In The World

Humans certainly will never escape the mistake, wrong, or sin. Every error and sin is usually in the form of crime. And it is fitting if commit a crime will be punished in order to create a deterrent effect in the future from committing the same crime.

Each crime definitely has a level of punishment varying from a mere beginning to the most severe warning the death penalty. For centuries the people themselves have developed many forms of punishment in which some were is the cruellest form than others even as inhumane.

Some forms of this cruel punishment may no longer exist and only look at the history, but it turns out some of the other still exists today and practiced significantly by various countries of the world. Here are 10 of the most extreme punishment of evil in the world.
  • Electric Chair

Is a form of punishment which appeared in 1888, US. At the time of the initial appearance, Power Seat penalty considered as a modern form of punishment is more humane than guillotine. After seeing the punishment of William Kemmler, the idea was then withdrawn and then the electric chair is considered to be one of the most cruel forms of punishment.

Shock or shocks will first be carried out for 18 seconds to make the detainee seizures such that even 30 seconds after shock dismissed. 18 Seconds looked briefly as though it is in fact running very long especially for prisoners who undergo this punishment. Only after the second shock or shocks are given for about 1 minute. Prisoner's body will begin to emit smoke and the smell of burning flesh began to smell throughout the room. The purpose of the second stage is the first shock in letting the brain dead patients (fainting), and the second to kill and turn off all the organs of the prisoners.
  • Gas Room

Toxic gas chamber, or better known as the gas chamber is a form of punishment that is very often used during World War II. Although rare, Gas Chamber penalty is still used to this modern were last heard in 2010 before it was decided that this form of execution as this is a form of very cruel and should no longer be done by alternative use of lethal injection.

Those who undergo this form of punishment will feel what it's like to undergo one extreme punishment that which the victim will die slowly as he felt a tremendous ordeal poison. Gas or Gas Chamber Room itself is a form of punishment that confining the victim in a closed room where the room will be put poison slowly. Some poison used is the world's most deadly poison cyanide, CO2, Monoxide or also sometimes spending the oxygen in the room. Some who saw this sentence says that it takes about 11 minutes before the victim died making this judgment was rejected by the community.
  • Stoned

Although it tends ancient form of punishment that has been around for thousands of years, but died from stoning is a form of legal punishment that it still can be seen today as an example in North Africa or Central Asia. Legal law in 2008 in Iran say they are committed adultery punishable by stoning, which the men will be buried up to their waists and women up to their chests before punishment is executed. This penalty is also seen to be done in Brune for adulterers, northern Nigeria for sodomy, and illegally are also carried out by an angry mob.

The reason why this is an extreme form of punishment because death comes slowly and painfully. A group of people will throw stones in various sizes up prisoners died. In certain cases, stones were thrown mentioned in detail that should not be too big or too small so that the detainee died slowly and painfully. Some people, especially Muslims believe that stoning is a punishment is legal because it is part of Islamic law. While others say that stoning is a form of torture to death under the guise of punishment alone. It all depends on individual beliefs.
  • Crucified

Crucifixion is one of the most ancient punishment cruel and painful that ever existed in the world. This form of punishment is very closely associated with the death of Jesus, but its existence has been there even before the expected presence of the Lord Jesus. Going around the 6th century BC to the 4th century AD and has been carried out on various famous historical figures. Such as for example the famous gladiator Spartacus and 6,000 followers. In the extreme, 6,000 followers crucified along the 200 miles to show their defeat. Even the latest occurred in Saudi Arabia in 2013.

They were sentenced to be tied or nailed to a giant wooden stakes which will then be left to die slowly. There are many things that can kill the prisoner while he was sentenced to a cross, such as thirst, hunger, the environment temperature is too hot or too cold, and also more frequent is the loss of blood.
  • Burned At The Stake

In the Middle Ages, especially in the UK, accompanying crime of treason and heresy will be divided into two forms of punishment. If the criminal is a man then he will be punished Hanged, Drawn & Quartered, whereas if the criminal is a woman then she will be burned alive at the stake. It is also often heard in the history that typically include witch hunts in Europe.

The penalty itself is terrible. When the executioner expert in this case, the detainee will be fastened and positioned in such a way that he can live in a long time. They will feel the fire burn itself slowly begins to creep feet throughout his body. One prominent figure who was also convicted of fuel is Joan of Arc in 1431 when he was only about 19 years.
  • Be skinned

No need to elaborate, from the name of any sentence you would have been able to imagine how extreme form of capital punishment. Known also as Flaying or skinned alive, skinned form of punishment is one of the most cruel punishment and torture ever invented by man. Practiced in the Middle Ages, flayed not only emerged as a form of punishment, but sometimes used as a ritual belief at that time.

Cruel is not striking, this penalty is alive includes releasing the victim's skin from his body. After the victim's skin removed, it will then be left alone until eventually died from blood loss. Sometimes brutal executioner would throw salt to the meat of the victim so that she felt excruciating pain. Is a form of execution carried out for enemy troops or "witch" thousands of years ago in Africa and Central Asia.
  • Boiled

In the 15th century, there was a form of punishment alone is very creepy sound that is boiled alive. In the reign of England's King Henry VIII in the 15th century, this form of punishment is for the criminal act to poison others. One example is the chef in the century in 1531 and was also a minister in 1542. It was only in the century, in 1547, the law was eventually forbidden to be done in human history.

Execution itself involves the criminal stripped naked and thrown into a large pot containing boiling liquid, be it water, oil, tar, or lead to a boil. Moreover, sometimes the executioner will lower the victim's ascending into the boiling cauldron with a rope pulley system. The victims will die due to fatal levels of fuel, destroys the skin, tissues, muscles open, and ultimately damage to the blood vessels.
  • Stabbed

This is one of the cruellest and sadistic death penalty in the world. They are considered guilty would be stripped of his clothes and stabbed with a long wood, ranging from the rectum, to the mouth, or from the genitals to the head. Everyone stretchable lives in the most painful way, even a few days and then died. Wood was then stuck in the ground. Greece and the Roman Empire never adopt it for prisoners of war.
  • Ling Chi

Also known as "Death By Cutting Slowly" or simply "Slow Death," this is one of the most brutal form of execution ever created in the world. Originating from China, this form of punishment can be seen starting from 900 centuries until it was banned in 1905. The sentence was intended only for the worst crimes such as treason or murder of the brothers. In short, this punishment procedure will involve a sharp blade that slowly will be used to cut the victim's body bit by bit over time.

The victim would be tied to a stake, usually in the open for public viewing. Then the executioner who has been trained in such a way as to cut little by little the victim's flesh. Starting from the chest and thighs until the victim would be amputated limb itself, followed by the ear, nose and genitals. 10 or 20 minutes after the execution, the victim will be killed with pierced his heart. When execution is sometimes opium will be given to the victim as a form of mercy.
  • Hanged, Drawn, And Chopped

This extreme punishment carried out for centuries in Britain to the man who has committed betrayal to the country, if the criminal is a woman then usually they will be burned at the stake. On the other hand, this penalty is one of the tangible form that describes the human sadism. As the name suggests, is a combination of three stages, namely Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered (Hung, Drawn, and chopped 4 portions).

First the victim would be tied to a wooden frame that then he will be brought to the execution site (withdrawn). Then there victims to be hanged until almost dead (hanged). Approaching his death he will feel excruciating pain where his stomach will be opened and the contents of the stomach will be removed. They also then be castrated and then decapitated. But do not just stop there alone, the victim's body will be cut into 4 sections (Quartered) then displayed in various parts of the UK as a clear picture of the existence of a terrible law.
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