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The Most Secret Places In The World

Almost every country has a definite place or even highly guarded secret. Either because the place is dangerous or there may be a government activity or specific groups with specific goals anyway. There are even some places that allegedly constitute a conspiracy or activity as a secret weapon to assemble such weapons of mass destruction or even a place to study Alien.

Once the secret place, not haphazard one could enter the region since kept secure super tight. Even the place of punishment in the form of fire could be given to anyone who still dared to enter the secret area.

The following are the most secret places in the world that is hard to visit.
  • Mezhgorye, Russia

Mezhgorye is a closed city in Russia, located in Mount Yamantau, a city founded in 1979 is located at an altitude of 1640 m, the city was suspected by the US as a secret place for the development of Russia's nuclear weapons. Large projects begin to be observed by US satellite in 1990. The US requested a report from the Russian side about this place, but the Russians deny that this is a secret place, they say it's only mine site.
  • Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican

Unlike its name, or the Vatican Secret Archives of the Vatican Secret Archives are not as confidential as you imagine. You can view or read any document that you want, but you are not able to enter the space of the ASIP. You must send a request related to a document that you want and it will be given to you.

For those of you who have seen the movie Angels and Demons, do not believe the film is due to the fact that all of these documents may be accessed, but not yet 75 years old by reason of protecting the diplomatic and government information. Believed only from the selected catalogue shelf there are more than 35,000 volumes.
  • Club 33, United States

Club 33 is a private or a private club located in the middle of New Orleands Square, Disneyland, California, US. Officially it is intended as features and amenities secret of this playground, the entrance has a sign clearly figure 33. The cost to join is different starts of 10-30 thousand US dollars (approximately 100-300 Million), one of the reasons why this is due to join the secret is said to have to wait a very long list of possible during the teenage years.

It is said that in this place to eat and drink in addition to well-known people are common. Perhaps this is because the US president and other world leaders, actors and artists, business leaders all have visited this place.

Although it is said to be difficult to join, a lot of rumours and words that have been there a lot of people who visit this place and this place was not as interesting as told. In 2012, Disneyland has also provided access to a premium membership in limited quantities.
  • Moscow Metro 2, Russia

Metro-2 in Moscow, Russia, is a secret underground transport system is directly related to public transport Metro Moscow. Russian journalists reported that the existence of Metro-2 was never confirmed even denied the existence of the Government of the Russian Federation Security Service (FSB).

Although so many rumours related to Metro-2 begins its length is much longer than the length of the underground public transport and has 4 lanes. He also said he was connecting the Kremlin with the FSB centre, the airport administration, and the underground city Ramenki. However its existence never visited necessarily constitute proof that this place is one of the most secret places in the world.
  • White's Gentlemen's Club, UK

A gentleman's club, which is a private club that can only be entered by its members, the most exclusive in the UK. Was founded in 1693 to sell hot chocolate (hot chocolate) but ended up being a very exclusive club and completely private.

This very famous club where members will betting very strange. One of the most famous is a bet of 56 Million to determine two drops of rain water which will be first down the window.

Which led the club into the list is because women are not allowed in, that's half the population. Secondly, men who want to join can only enter if invited by the active members and must be approved by two other members of this club. Unless you are a member of the kingdom, or famous people in politics or art, it's likely that invitation will never come to you.
  • Area 51, United States

Is one of the most secret places on earth and is very well known for its appearance in various media, as well as the mystique. Is a nickname for a secret military base located in the northern part of Nevada, US, 1330 km of Las Vegas. One of the main goals of this military base is doing and testing weapons systems.

However, because of secrecy that even its existence alone is mysterious, military bases is often associated with a variety of alien conspiracy existence like a UFO and Alien. Even in this base there is a warning that military power has the right to do anything to anyone who entered the Area 51's.
  • Room 39, North Korea

Room 39, Bureau 39 or Bureau 39 is one of the most secret government organization that is in the earth, precisely North Korea. Very little is known about Room 39 or Room 39 is due to the highly confidential nature of the organization.

Many media said that Room 39 is a secret organization who are looking for various ways to obtain foreign currency for Kim Jong-Un, supreme leader of North Korea. Adding to these rumours, there are those who say that it was linked on illegal matters such as money laundering, counterfeiting and other illicit transactions. However, the known clearly is under the auspices of this organization there are about 120 foreign trade enterprise directly supervised by Kim Jong-Un.
  • Ise Grand Shrine, Japan

Great Temple of Ise or Ise Grand Shrine in Japan is a collection of more than 100 temples and is one of the most sacred shrines in Japan dedicated to the sun god, Amaterasu. Uniquely, every 20 years the temple will be demolished and rebuilt as a Shinto belief over life and death.

One of the reasons why this place is the most secret places on earth is because the only person who can enter this place are priests or pastors are only a part of the Japanese royal family. So unless you are a princess or prince of Japan then you will only be able to see the roof of the temple.
  • Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, United States

This place is a place that not only closed to the public, but also a place where people generally expect will never enter this place. In various films "end of the world" as of 2012, we will see there is a place where only the chosen ones who can enter that place so that he can be saved from the possibility of the end of the world. In the real world, Mount Weather Emergency Operations Centre is the "place of hope" is.

Has existed since 1950 in anticipation of the Cold War and is still in operation to this day. For various reasons, the operations are carried out in this place is a secret. Even if a disaster occurs in the US local, then all telecommunications traffic will be directed to this place.
  • RAF Menwith Hill, United States

A British military base connected global network ECHELON spy. On this region there are a lot of satellite stations and contains a hazard warning missile.

Although originally built in anticipation of the Cold War, but with the end of the war, ECHELON is now believed to be tasked to find possible signs of terrorism, drug smuggling plan and obtain political information and spy on telephone and radio communications and commercial local.
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